Health Information and Tips

• Moderate exercise can add 1-2 years to your life. An archives of internal medicine study shows life expectancy at age 50 for participants who were moderately active was found to be 1.3-1.5 years longer than the low – activity group.

Meditation reduces stress but it can also boost your immune system. A University of Wisconsin study shows subjects given the flu vaccine after completing 8 weeks of meditation produced more antibodies than the nonmeditators.

• Studies show slivers of dark chocolate may lower blood pressure due to the levels of anti oxidants. Offset the calories with exercise and diet.

• Taking daily: 30 minutes naps may decrease the chances of heart disease (as much as 37%).

• Mentally stimulating games and activities such as puzzles, chess, reading, or reading may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s-like dementia in older adults (over 50% lower).

Food deserts are large metropolitan areas that have limited grocery store options and high concentration of fast food restaurants or convenience stores. After accounting for other factors such as economic status, race, and education, people living in a food desert have higher rates of diet related disease such as diabetes or obesity.

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