MESF Welcome Message

As you know, the COVID-19 virus has drastically changed the world as we all cope with a new normal. Yet we believe that we will all eventually overcome this unprecedented set of circumstances. We know that many families have been negatively impacted by the current state of the world. Many of our survivors, supporters & honorees are amongst the more vulnerable population.  We must make sure that patients, their families and students remain safe.  We are recommending that you visit the American Cancer Society for updated information for cancer patients and COVID-19 at . For those impacted by a brain tumor the National Brain Tumor Society at is an excellent resource.  We believe with patience and prayer we will get through these trying times.


The purpose of the Mary E. Smith Foundation is to provide resources to assist in the early detection and prevention of brain tumors.

Today there are over 800,000 Americans living with a primary brain tumor. Of these, more than 13,000 are children.  Despite new legislation and major breakthroughs in treatment options, these figures are projected to increase this year.

A healthy lifestyle along with a good combination of diet and exercise has been proven to reduce risk factors associated with chronic diseases and medical conditions. Read more and take a fun health quiz

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